product Pre-Orders Open Today In Europe and Canada

Since making Here One available for pre-order in the U.S. this June, we’ve seen an overwhelming response from people around the globe who are excited to experience the future of truly wireless audio.

It’s always been our goal to bring Here One to as many people as possible, and that’s why today we’re announcing that Here One is now available on our site,, in the following additional countries and regions:

  • Canada ($299.99 USD)
  • European Union (European Union (€299.99 EUR / £249.99 GBP)
  • Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland (€299.99 EUR)

For more on our development process and what sets Here One apart, read our post introducing Here One, join the conversation on Facebook, or head over to Wired, Forbes, and Wareable to see what others are saying about us.

Your Personal Listening Profile, <br>Now on Android!


Your Personal Listening Profile,
Now on Android!

Everyone hears the world differently. That’s why we believe that in-ear technology should account for these differences instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach. In order to provide the best hearing...