accessibility Pioneer Spotlight: Jerrica Patton

Introducing Jerrica Patton: A 28-year old musician and model living in Brooklyn, NY, who has some problems with her hearing. A self-taught musician, Jerrica’s biggest passion is recording music and playing the piano. Jerrica fell in love with music as a child when she first heard her father play on her family’s age-old piano. At the age of 8, she began to teach herself how to play and compose music at a level that was far beyond her years. She’s also found an unexpected career in modeling—a long-time dream that she never imagined was possible.

Jerrica Patton

Jerrica sometimes has difficulty determining where sounds are coming from. That's where Here One comes in. While Here One is not a hearing aid, nor a replacement for a hearing aid, Smart Noise Filters and features like Speech Enhance have given Jerrica a completely new experience; one that allows her to pinpoint where sounds are coming from. Jerrica especially likes to use the Restaurant Filter when she goes out to dinner with her family, so she doesn’t have to strain to keep up with the conversation and can enjoy herself. But the biggest impact has been on her music sessions.

Jerrica especially likes to use the Restaurant Filter when she goes out to dinner.

Now when she records, Jerrica is able to reduce some of the noise around her and to amplify certain parts of the piano so that she can focus on what matters most: hearing the music that she’s creating. Here One has been a life-changing technology that allows Jerrica to experience what she may have been missing in music and in life.

To learn more about Jerrica and hear her music, check out her official website.