company Doppler Labs Raises Capital, Bringing Total Funding to $50 Million

Doppler Labs Raises Additional $24 Million Led By Peter Chernin and The Chernin Group, Bringing Total Funding to $50 Million in Preparation for Here One Mass Market Release

Last month, we announced the launch of our flagship product, Here One™, wireless smart earbuds and a connected app that are, as Forbes put it, “the first supercomputer for every ear.” Announcing Here One was a huge moment for Doppler Labs, and we’re humbled and thrilled by the excitement and positive response we’ve received thus far.

Today, we’re excited to share another key milestone: we’ve raised an additional $24 million as a follow-on round to our Series B, bringing our total funding to date to $50 million. Legendary investor Peter Chernin of The Chernin Group—known for his foresight and thought leadership in media and tech, in addition to his investments in companies like Medium, Flipboard, FullScreen, and SoundCloud—led the funding. New investors also contributed, including Kevin Efrusy, David Geffen, Dan Gilbert, Henry Kravis, and Anton Levy, among others.

“Not only is Doppler Labs tackling some very ambitious technical problems in audio engineering, but they’re also the first to recognize that these were the right problems to solve,” said Kevin Efrusy. "If this were about creating a better headphone, it would be boring. Doppler is trying to create a new product category that improves how we experience our auditory world. It’s this discipline and ambition that attracted me, and both tend to be the key ingredients for consumer breakthroughs, along with some luck. It has been great to follow their progress across products."

With this infusion of capital, we’re even more equipped to take a big swing at creating an entirely new product category. Specifically, the capital will be used to fuel our continued growth as we expand the Doppler engineering org, double down on the fundamentals of the Here One platform, and prepare for the mass market release of Here One this holiday season.

Just the beginning of our journey to redefine how we experience sound, and this financing will help us accelerate our vision even further

This is an incredibly exciting time for Doppler. Over the past year, we’ve assembled a seventy person team, who hail from world-class companies like Apple, Amazon, Nest, Dropbox, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Dolby, Sennheiser, and more; shipped our limited run concept car product, Here Active Listening, for which we recently won Cannes Lion Best in Product Design; raised additional capital; and developed our first-ever mass market product, Here One.

“We started Doppler Labs with a mission to make computing more immersive and human, and in just three short years, we’ve introduced two amazing consumer products that deliver on that promise. That experience has proved invaluable as we prepare to release Here One, our third product, and our first mass market foray into digital tech,” said Noah Kraft, Co-Founder and CEO of Doppler Labs. “What we’ve done thus far is just the beginning of our journey to redefine how we experience sound, and this financing will help us accelerate our vision even further.”

Here One is Now Available at Retail


Here One is Now Available at Retail

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