company Brian Hall Joins Doppler Labs As Chief Operating Officer

From Brian Hall:

Today, I’m thrilled to join Doppler Labs, a company with an amazing team and a bold vision to truly change the way we hear the world. It’s an especially exciting time as we will launch Doppler’s flagship product, Here One, on February 21st, when we’ll begin shipping to our pre-order customers. We can’t wait for you to try this amazing product.

I’m joining Doppler Labs by way of Microsoft, where I spent more than twenty years, and most recently, ran the Surface and Devices businesses including Surface Hub and HoloLens. I also worked in engineering and marketing across Windows, online services, and hardware. Surface was a particularly great ride and was my focus for the last several years. When I joined the Surface team, Apple was the de facto dominating force, but by the time I left, Surface was one of the fastest-growing major tech products that was giving Apple a run for its money.

To do that, we first had to recognize that Apple is great, and the Macbook and iPad are great—they set the standard, and my family has enjoyed iPads for years. Then we had to find a way to differentiate ourselves in the market. So with Surface, we doubled down on creating a new category. We focused on creators who could get a Macbook or an iPad Pro, but would be better served by a Surface because they could use a pen and touch to draw, while still having access to power apps like Adobe. We focused on architects who needed full CAD, but the ability to mark them up with a pen as well. And we focused on students who needed a laptop to write papers and run real apps, but also something flexible that could be both a tablet and a laptop. This customer focus defined us. Surface was not for everyone, but for the right customers, it redefined their experience with computers.

As COO at Doppler, I want to help lead the charge to do the same thing for Here One. I joined Doppler because of the team’s mission to give everyone superhuman hearing, letting people hear exactly what they want to hear and remove what they don’t. But I was equally impressed when I experienced Here One.

Here One is an amazing product. When you use it, it’s clear you are hearing the future and experiencing something totally new. With Here One, I see huge opportunity to reach a group of people who are looking for more than just a wireless headphone. If you just want to wirelessly stream music, take phone calls, and access Siri, you should buy AirPods. And if you just want good acoustics and full noise cancellation for flights, you should buy Bose headsets for over $400.

Here One is an amazing product. When you use it, it’s clear you are hearing the future and experiencing something totally new.

But with Here One, we’re delivering something beyond the table stakes functionalities that we’ve grown accustomed to. We’re a great headphone—we have fantastic sound like AirPods, and smarter and more targeted noise control than Bose—but we also have the ability to control real-world sound. By letting you cancel noise—and still hear the real world at the volume you want—we’ve created a product that you can wear in social settings or places where you need to easily communicate or interact with the world around you. That means you can shut out background noise in the office or crowds in public; you can hear the person you’re talking to at a loud restaurant with directional hearing; or you can reduce the rumble of a jet engine on a flight, but still hear the flight attendant or the passenger sitting next to you. And this only gets better as we deliver more and more smart suggestions to filter out sirens, recognize where you are and curate your environment for you automatically, and more that we'll share soon through our first Here One system update.

So if you work in an open office and need to talk to your boss, no other product will provide you the magic that Here One does. If you're a new mom who needs to hear her baby, but wants to listen to music, or if you commute via bike, subway or plane and need to interact with other people, then join us and become a Here Pioneer.

I’m particularly passionate about what we can do for people who want hearing help. Our technology—and specifically features like speech amplification, directionality, and personal listening profile—may well prove to be life-changing for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, or for people who struggle with auditory processing issues. Hearing health is a passion for the whole team, especially the amazing KR Liu, who leads advocacy and accessibility efforts for Doppler. There’s so much we can do to innovate in this space, and we know that we’re going to do great things for this group of consumers by giving them more affordable and socially-acceptable hearing solutions.

Thank you to Noah and Doppler Labs for the chance to join this mission to give every person superhuman hearing! And more importantly, thank you Here Pioneers for joining us on this journey and helping us make it all real, quickly. The future of this product is only as great as the people who use it and love it.

So here we go!


Here One is Now Available at Retail


Here One is Now Available at Retail

We’re thrilled to announce that Here One is now available at more than 250 stores across the United States, including AT&T, Best Buy, Brookstone, b8ta, and Microsoft locations. Want to try...