Top 10 Best Wireless Headphones For Zoom Meetings: Reviews & Guideline

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Are you in the process of learning online and need a quality headset? The 10 best wireless headphones for zoom meetings below are the perfect choices for you.

In the face of complicated developments of the covid epidemic, Zoom is the optimal solution to meet and talk. It is becoming a popular app now. 

Zoom allows you to meet and work remotely, face-to-face. The method helps to transmit audio, text, video. All you need is an internet-connected device.

Therefore, to improve the quality of the meeting, you will need a wireless headset for zoom. However, which is the most suitable product?

This article will provide you with the 10 best suggestions. You will also get the criteria to find the best headset for home zoom meetings. 

Comparison Of The Wireless Headphones For Zoom Meetings

Bose Headphones 700, Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Over-Ear Wireless Headphones with Built-In Microphone for Clear Calls and Alexa Voice Control, Black
BATTERY LIFE: Get up to 20 hours of wireless battery life on a single charge
$379.00 −$30.00 $349.00
Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Premium Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones with Mic for Phone-Call and Alexa Voice Control, Black WH1000XM4
ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION: Premium noise canceling with Dual Noise Sensor technology; SPEAK-TO-CHAT: Automatically reduces volume during conversations
$348.00 −$70.00 $278.00
Voyager Focus UC with Charge Stand - Discontinued
Discontinued.Connector Type:USB; Ideal For: Professionals working in a distracting environment at home or in the office.
$199.99 −$64.00 $135.99
Apple AirPods Pro - 1st Gen (Renewed)
Active noise cancellation for immersive sound; Transparency mode for hearing and connecting with the world around you

The 10 Best Wireless Headphones For Zoom Meetings

Our top experts have researched, tested, compared, categorized, and evaluated the best headphones for zoom meetings on the market today. 

#1. Bose Noise Canceling HeadphoneBest for Comfort

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 

Important Specifications

  • Brand: Bose
  • Dimensions: 2 x 6.5 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces

Product Highlights

The Bose 700 is a good choice for zoom meetings as well as other phone calls. It is a wireless headset model with effective noise cancellation. Moreover, the compact design and light weight make it more comfortable than other headset models.

The company has equipped the headset with simple touch control. Accompanying it is a flexible keyboard that allows you to set up the headset more easily.

Not only the object, but Bose has also designed the adjustable headband to fit the head size. That’s why many users rate Bose Noise canceling 700 as the most comfortable headset available today.

Talking about the wireless connectivity of the Bose 700 version, you will undoubtedly be satisfied.

The way to connect Bluetooth is simple but very effective. The range is up to 30 feet, and you can even extend the range to 100 feet. So when you join a zoom meeting, you won’t experience connection errors or audio lag.

Version 700 of Bose also offers many exciting experiences. It allows you to control the content on the TV when connected.

As a result, you will have a better listening experience. The Bose 700 can connect to Bose Soundbar or any other Bluetooth speaker. All you need to do is attach them to the Bose Music app via its Bose SimpleSync technology in battery life.

Not only that, but you can also improve the efficiency of the headset by retrofitting the dongle.

The Bose 700 duo and dongle let you connect up to 2 devices. So transferring playlists on your phone to calls on your computer will be easier and faster than ever with long battery life.

Overall, the Bose 700 is a good choice for you to make calls or participate in zoom video conferences at home. It offers crystal clear sound and convenient Alexa control.

Bose Headphones 700, Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Over-Ear Wireless Headphones with Built-In Microphone for Clear Calls and Alexa Voice Control, Black
  • POWERFUL NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES: 11 levels of active noise cancelling let you enjoy music, podcasts, videos & calls without distractions
  • ASTONISHING SOUND: Crisp, clear details. Deep, full bass. These wireless headphones produce exciting, lifelike sound that’s full and balanced at every volume level

What We Like

  • Powerful performance
  • Comfortable design
  • Clear sound
  • Optimized for conference calls
  • Voice processing support

Things to Consider

  • Unstable
  • It does not support aptX/ aptX HD

Bottom lines

The Bose Noise canceling 700 is a good headset for conference calls or meetings with a comfortable zoom. Besides, it has effective noise canceling, so it provides the most transparent sound for calls. Specially designed professional headbands can be customized to help you use the headset for hours without headache. 

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#2. Sony WH 1000XM4Best for Audio Filtering

Sony WH-1000XM4

Sony WH-1000XM4 

Important Specifications

  • Brand: Sony
  • Dimensions: 7.27 x 3.03 x 9.94 inches
  • Weight: 9 ounces

Product Highlights

In terms of design, this Sony headset looks like the previous generation Mark III. We will have nothing to complain about this model because it is beautiful and good to use with long battery life.

The WH1000XM4 headphone model has an excellent overall sound filter. It delivers superior sound quality that you can quickly feel.

Sony’s enthusiasm for improving sound never disappoints. You can even quickly notice the difference in the sound quality of the M4 and its predecessor.

Sony WH1000XM4 has excellent sound processing in every detail. Even the tones with lower frequencies than Sony headphones meticulously exploit to provide the most realistic and vivid sound.

For this reason, the M4 is not only perfect for listening to music but also becomes an excellent choice for those who regularly attend meetings on zoom.

We also want to talk about the perfect noise cancellation feature of the product. By applying new algorithms, advanced manufacturing processes, and SOC chip systems, the WH-1000XM4 offers an excellent experience for work and play.

Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or making calls, the Sony WH1000XM4 is a perfect choice.

An improvement of this Sony version is support for multiple devices at once. That’s right; you can connect 2 different devices to the headset.

In other words, with just one Sony M4 headset, you can pair it with both your phone and computer. Instead of going into Bluetooth settings to unpair the previous device and then re-pair another device, Sony has managed to deliver a much better experience.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Premium Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones with Mic for Phone-Call and Alexa Voice Control, Black WH1000XM4
  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION: Premium noise canceling with Dual Noise Sensor technology
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Up to 30-hour battery life with quick charging (10 min charge for 5 hours of playback)

What We Like

  • Nice design
  • Good filter layer
  • Improve sound quality
  • Support multiple devices
  • Effective noise cancellation

Things to Consider

  • Unstable
  • Does not support AptX LL

Bottom lines

In general, the Sony WH-1000XM4 has many improvements compared to the previous version.

It has a premium overall acoustic filter that cancels any noise, providing clear, transparent, and realistic sound quality. Therefore, it is one of the good choices for zoom meetings and conference calls.

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#3. Jabra Elite 75t EarbudsBest for Portability

Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds

Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds 

Important Specifications

  • Brand: Jabra
  • Dimensions: 8.46 x 5.59 x 2.01 inches
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces

Product Highlights

Next on our list is a headset from the Jabra brand. With their compact design and characteristic protrusion, you can easily tuck them into your ears.

Of course, this unique design helps you always feel comfortable when using them with long battery life.

When you buy the product, you can choose the size of the foam to suit you best. It is the most comfortable silicone foam support when in use.

The company designed them to come in a variety of sizes to fit as well as possible. So even when you move or work hard, it will not fall out. The support of the cushion makes the Jabra 75t an ideal choice for conference calls.

Especially if you are someone who often has to attend meetings via zoom, consider choosing this Jabra headset.

With silicone pads, you can use the headset for conference call hours. They are comfortable, so you won’t experience ear pain or discomfort when using them.

Regarding pairing, Jabra 75t supports both Android and IOS operating systems. The pairing method is also straightforward to implement.

Moreover, you just need to remove the headset from the case to re-pair with the previous device without any cumbersome operation.

Besides, Jabra 75t is also a headset that provides good sound quality. Although it does not support active noise cancellation, it can effectively isolate noise.

It cancels noise so well that you don’t need any special noise cancellation.

With excellent isolation, Jabra 75t helps you block out all noise from the outside world. So you can focus on your meeting even when you’re on a noisy bus.

Jabra Elite Active 75t True Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging Enabled Case, Gray
  • SECURE ACTIVE FIT – We scanned thousands of ears to create the best-fitting earbuds for a sport that we’ve ever created, with a special grip coating to make sure they stay in while you move; Plus, they’re sweat proof and waterproof with IP57-rated protection.Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the headset is not worn properly in your ears, you may not obtain the correct sound qualities or call performance. Change the earbud tips to ones that fit more snugly in your ear
  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION – With these noise cancelling earbuds, you can filter out the world and focus on your music; Use the Jabra Sound plus App to activate ANC the first time you use it and enable toggling between ANC and Hear Through via your Earbud button

What We Like

  • Comfortable design
  • Not fall off when moving
  • Easy pairing
  • Effective noise isolation

Things to Consider

  • Not support automatic noise cancellation

Bottom lines

If you often have to attend urgent meetings at the time of travel, then Jabra 75t will help you. It has pads that keep the headphones firmly in the ear and effective noise isolation. Therefore, you should not ignore this option. 

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#4. AirPods Max NewBest for Overall

Shure AONIC 50 Wireless

New Apple AirPods Max 

Important Specifications

  • Brand: apple
  • Dimensions: 6.64 x 3.28 x 7.37 inches
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces

Product Highlights

As a high-end line of Apple headphones, Airpods Max possesses many unique features that you should not ignore.

Right from the market launch, the company has shown us a significant improvement in its products. Airpods Max has improved the features of battery life that other headsets lack.

Overall, the Apple headset is like a standard pair of headphones. The company has focused quite a lot on the design in this version.

The product has 2 control parts, and it includes 1 on the button and 1 on the rotation button. The on button has the role of customizing the noise cancellation mode, and the dial is like the crown on the Apple watch.

Besides, the company also designed the headset in the form of a knit mesh canopy with memory foam pads. So you not only have a great experience with accessible settings but are also comfortable to use.

Besides, the pads help you feel comfortable and pain-free if you’re looking for a headset for long battery life.

The point worth noting is its ability to cancel noise. We did a validation test to compare the product’s performance with other headphones.

It’s the same as the sony mark 4. Airpods Max has done a great job of removing voices from the background and removing inconsistent sounds. The sound of cars and children playing is a typical example.

But Apple also did not forget to improve the sound quality. Thanks to the combination of computational and custom sounds and the modern Apple H1 chip, Airpods Max delivers a breakthrough when it comes to listening.

Apple AirPods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency Mode, Personalized Spatial Audio, Dolby Atmos, Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone – Sky Blue
  • BREATHTAKING AUDIO QUALITY — Apple-designed dynamic driver provides high-fidelity audio. Computational audio combines custom acoustic design with the Apple H1 chip and software for breakthrough listening experiences.
  • FOCUS ON WHAT’S PLAYING — Active Noise Cancellation blocks outside noise so you can immerse yourself in music.

What We Like

  • Beautiful design
  • Pads fit well
  • Effective automatic noise cancellation
  • Easy to set up
  • Good sound quality

Things to Consider

  • High price

Bottom lines

Apple’s Airpods Max headphones are a high-end model. Every time the company launches a product, it surprises users with notable improvements. 

This time the Airpods Max model has a breakthrough in design that brings comfort to use. At the same time, the sound quality is also excellent, thanks to the practical noise cancellation feature. 

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#5. Shure AONIC Wireless HeadphonesBest for Design

New Apple AirPods Max

Shure AONIC 50 Wireless

Important Specifications

  • Brand: Shure
  • Dimensions: 10.75 x 10.75 x 3.19 inches
  • Weight: 0.352 ounces

Product Highlights

The Shure AONIC 50 is a beautifully designed headset. Launched in 2020, the Shure 50 is gradually gaining popularity thanks to its good looks and excellent sound quality. With its elegant brown leather color and resizable design, we’re sure you’ll be captivated by the Shure 50.

Shure is a brand with many years of experience in the audio industry. Therefore, we cannot deny their dedication. This time you will see success in improving the customer experience using their product.

Shure 50 supports active foam pads for Zoom increased comfort for conference calls. Moreover, it can be disassembled for easy cleaning and moving without causing any damage to the headset.

The product includes a USB-C socket that can switch from empty to complete after just 2 hours of charging.

Besides, this drive also acts as a dedicated data port. The kit comes with a universal headphone jack from 2.5 to 3.5 mm. So when the headset runs out of battery life, you can still use them to join meetings on zoom.

The setup operation on the headset is also effortless. Simply hold down the power button to initiate the connection process with any device. And the E C slider allows you to choose active noise cancellation mode.

Shure AONIC 50 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, Premium Studio-Quality Sound, Bluetooth 5 Wireless Technology, Comfort Fit Over Ear, 20 Hours Battery Life, Fingertip Controls - Black
  • PREMIUM WIRELESS STUDIO-QUALITY SOUND: Engineered from decades of professional experience. No cords. No wires. Just pure listening anywhere you go.
  • ADJUSTABLE NOISE CANCELLING & ENVIRONMENT MODE: Eliminate distractions for a truly immersive listening experience and hear the outside world with the flip of a switch.

What We Like

  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • Comfortable
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Easy setup
  • Good sound quality

Things to Consider

  • Rather Expensive

Bottom lines

The Shure AONIC 50 is beautifully designed and packed with the features you need to improve sound quality. You can easily set up your headset with just a few simple steps. With a mid-range price, the Shure AONIC 50 is one of the options for conference calls when you join the zoom. 

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#6. Plantronics Voyager FocusBest for built-in microphone headset

Plantronics Voyager Focus

Plantronics Voyager Focus

Important Specifications

  • Brand: Poly (Plantronics + Polycom)
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology Wireless
  • Model Name: Voyager Focus UC
  • Form Factor: Over-Ear

Product Highlights

Poly is one of the leading headset brands with official zoom certification. It provides reliable stereo sound thanks to active noise cancellation.

With a lightweight and comfortable overall design, you can use the headphones for Zoom meetings hours. With this advantage, Voyager Focus UC is the best choice for virtual meetings, live streaming, and more.

With the combination of the Plantronics Hub app, you can pair the headset with compatible devices via Bluetooth or a USB A/C cable. You can still connect two devices without this app, but it doesn’t provide many support features.

Overall, Voyager Focus UC is compatible with Microsoft Teams and most of today’s leading platforms. It has active noise cancellation in ANC drag mode.

Simultaneously, all 4 dynamic microphones deliver explosive performance for more effective noise canceling reduction.

Ideal for wireless connectivity, the product’s pairing range is up to 98 feet. So you can flexibly use the headset in meetings in a remote location. Moreover, the battery life allows you to meet on the zoom for 20 to 24 hours.

Voyager Focus UC with Charge Stand - Discontinued
  • Discontinued.Connector Type:USB
  • Ideal For: Professionals working in a distracting environment at home or in the office.

What We Like

  • Certified by Zoom
  • Dual-mode noise canceling
  • Comfortable
  • Handy and light
  • Cross-platform compatible

Things to consider

  • Not compatible with some IOS
  • Missing ANC

Bottom lines

The Poly Voyager Focus UC is an officially certified zoom wireless headset. So we cannot doubt its proper compatibility with zoom.

With dual noise canceling and the explosive performance of 4 microphones, you’ll be amazed at the sound quality during meetings. Voyager Focus UC is a good choice that you should trust. 

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#7. Sennheiser 450BT Bluetooth HeadphonesBest for Budget

Sennheiser 450BT Bluetooth

Sennheiser 450BT Bluetooth

Important Specifications

  • Brand: Sennheiser
  • Dimensions: 6.1 x 2.6 x 7.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds

Product Highlights

The Sennheiser 450BT are headphones with bluetooth that offer reliable sound and 30 hours of battery life. So you can use the headset for many hours.

Plus, with the brand’s signature audio and Bluetooth technology, the Sennheiser headphones successfully become one of the best wireless headphones for zoom meetings.

With a closed-back design, you’ll quickly be immersed in sound while watching videos. The product can process complex sounds to give users the most natural, accurate, and clear sound; even if you are in the same noisy environment, it can not affect the sound quality.

The company has built the product based on the support of the wireless codex. It includes Bluetooth, Aac, and aptX latency profiles. So we all realize the outstanding sound quality that Sennheiser HD 450BT brings.

Besides, in order to improve the user experience, they also support control applications on both Android and iOS devices. The application allows you to customize and personalize the configuration update right on the phone app.

What We Like

  • Sound easy to hear
  • Supports AAC and Aptx
  • Good noise canceling
  • Convenient custom app support
  • It comes with premium accessories

Things to Consider

  • No Alexa
  • Microphone quality is not good

Bottom lines

Sennheiser HD 450BT is a mid-range headset, and it possesses many essential features for zoom meetings.

Mainly effective noise canceling provides excellent sound quality. At the same time, it helps you focus, not be distracted by outside sounds. 

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#8. Logitech H600 Over The HeadBest for Bluetooth Connectivity

Logitech Over-The-Head H600

Logitech Over-The-Head H600

Important Specifications

  • Brand: Logitech
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 3 x 7.12 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces

Product Highlights

Logitech H600 is one of the good headsets for zoom meetings. It has a very comfortable and comfortable design.

The first is a convenient removable wireless receiver. It is a micro-sized receiver inside the computer. The receiver is responsible for bringing the headset into a ready-to-pair state.

Bluetooth connection ranges up to 33 feet. So even if you are far away from the device, you can easily connect without experiencing lag.

In addition, the unique headband design brings comfort when using. This headband is adjustable to fit each person’s head size. The earcups are with extra foam that allows you to use the headset for many hours without pain.

Besides a convenient laser-tuned speaker driver, it comes with an effective noise-canceling microphone that delivers clear stereo sound. As a result, your call sound will be significantly improved.

Logitech headsets are compatible with both Windows and Mac. And, of course, chat calling applications are no exception, such as Skype, Yahoo! Messenger.

Logitech Over-The-Head Wireless Headset H600
  • Convenient leave-in wireless receiver: Tiny nano receiver stays in your computer so your headset is always ready to use
  • Clear stereo sound: Laser-tuned speaker drivers and noise-cancelling microphone for clear calls. Frequency response (Headset): 40Hz - 10KHz , Frequency response (Microphone): 100Hz - 6.5kHz. Input Impedance: 32 Ohms

What We Like

  • Clear stereo
  • Comfortable
  • Wide connection range
  • Effective noise canceling
  • Compatible with many devices

Things to Consider

  • Unstable sound

Bottom lines

Logitech H600 is a convenient headset line. The manufacturer focuses on each design to increase flexibility when used.

Customizable earpads and headbands are the hallmarks of comfort. At the same time, the noise-canceling feature provides excellent sound quality. 

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#9. Apple AirPods Pro – Best for Effective Noise Canceling

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

Important Specifications

  • Brand: Apple
  • Dimensions: 2 x 1 x 1.32 inches
  • Weight: 4 ounces

Product Highlights

Apple has quietly launched the Airpods Pro headset model at the end of 2019.

Although the company does not firmly advertise the product, we cannot deny its quality. It is a premium wireless headset with excellent sound quality and a microphone ideal for calls.

The most notable point in this Airpods Proline is the ability to cancel noise effectively. When you purchase the device, you will see a guide on how to use the headset and how to handle the media.

For example, how to transfer text messages by voice. The device does an excellent job of noise canceling to give users a great experience on zoom meetings.

Moreover, Apple eliminates noise not only by isolating the ears from the outside environment thanks to the design that seals the ears when worn. An ideal microphone-assisted device capable of canceling unwanted noise.

In comparison, it is not inferior to the high-end Beats Solo Pro line of headphones. If it’s about noise-canceling performance, Airpods Pro will make you satisfied.

With the segment design on the side, the headphones with a high-end feature still provide some background sound. So you will not feel completely isolated when using. You can also apply many ways to turn the noise canceling feature on and off. Moreover, you can refer to the user manual.

Besides, Airpods Pro continues to inherit amazing fast charging and wireless charging features. The battery life of up to 34 hours is also quite impressive.

You can use the headset for long zoom meetings. According to the test, the battery life can last 10 hours when engaged in zoom meetings.

Apple AirPods Pro - 1st Gen (Renewed)
  • Active noise cancellation for immersive sound
  • Transparency mode for hearing and connecting with the world around you

What we like

  • Flexible design
  • Effective noise canceling
  • Sound balance
  • High battery life
  • Mid-range price

Things to consider

  • Not as perfect as rival Sony
  • Turning on noise-canceling drains the battery life faster

Bottom lines

Although it still lacks groundbreaking features like rival Sony, Apple Airpods Pro is still a good choice at a price within your reach. Compared to previous Apple models, this version has many improvements to become one of the best options. 

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#10. EarFun Pro EarbudsBest for Budget

EarFun Pro Earbuds

EarFun Pro Earbuds

Important Specifications

  • Brand: Ear Fun Audio
  • Dimensions: 2 x 1.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Weighs 1.87 ounces

Product Highlights

This headset model is a pro version of EarFun Audio. The company has designed based on the standard image but has added many features to make the product more perfect.

It delivers better audio performance than other headset models. Meanwhile, the amazon price is only $80. So, EarFun Air pro is a good choice for your budget that you cannot ignore.

When you look at the spec sheet and the extras, you’ll find its price point to be unbelievably low. The company has equipped this pro version with ANC active noise canceling and more mics with more significant drivers.

These improvements make the sound quality of calls better and more transparent. You will notice when you move and use the headset in noisy environments.

Earvin Air Pro has a good pairing. Thus, you can pair them with your device to join long conference calls comfortably with just a few taps.

Besides, the operation to turn on the noise-canceling mode is also effortless. You just need to scroll in the middle to choose ‘normal’ or ‘ambient sound’ mode.

Besides, EarFun Air Pro also impresses thanks to its practical waterproof ability.

The product is already in the IPX5 rating. The company was very proud of this advantage. You can completely use the headset usually when submerging it in water. So, you use the headset when it rains or works out in sweat without damaging the EarFun Air Pro.

EarFun Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Air Pro Hybrid ANC Bluetooth Earbuds, 6 Mics ENC Clear Call Earphones, Stereo Deep Bass, 32H Playtime with USB-C Fast Charge, Ambient Mode for Office
  • 🎧[Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation] CNET review EarFun Air Pro as 🌟The Best Noise-cancelling True Wireless Earbuds.🌟 With EarFun’s innovative QuietSmart technology, the EarFun Air Pro Bluetooth earbuds reduce ambient noises by up to 38dB, allowing you to focus on your music or conversation in the midst of traffic, busy gyms, office chatter, or airplane droning.
  • 🎧[Immersive Sound Powered By 10mm Composite Drivers] The true wireless earbuds adopt dual 10mm low-distortion composite dynamic drivers, with high-resolution decoder built-in and AAC/SBC audio coding technology, which provide you crystal clear sound and strong bass with an authentic treble to match. Besides, the ambient mode allows you to have conversations pleasantly when enjoying your music.

What We Like

  • Clear, stable sound
  • Effective noise canceling
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Add more features
  • Reasonable prices

Things to Consider

  • Medium sound is not good

Bottom lines

EarFun Pro owns many outstanding features such as noise canceling, waterproof. It can be that you only need to spend about $200 to buy an almost full-featured wireless headset for Zoom meetings. Except for the poor mid-range handling, we have not found any downsides in this product.

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Buying Guides

When looking for wireless headphones for zoom meetings, you should look for some key features that are essential for your online teaching or learning work.

Simple design

Teaching online is always one of the challenges that is not easy for many teachers because they may have to spend a lot of time sitting in one place. Having a comfortable headset will definitely support them better in teaching.

With in-ear headphones, you’ll take advantage of their compact size. However, in the long run, it will still bring discomfort to the user.

Therefore, a customized version that is complete and suitable for each person’s needs and preferences is the most worthy priority.

A notable tip is that you should prioritize materials from plastic instead of heavy metal alloys because it will simply be lighter. From there, it will bring you a better experience. 

Many gaming headsets also have a comfortable wearable design, suitable for long hours of use. Still, most have a bunker appearance, even adding LED lights, so they are not applicable when studying or meeting online. 


It is essential when looking for headphones with a high-end feature to teach or learn why because you may have to check all day, the time you work with the headset is very long, so comfort is essential.

It is necessary to avoid some cases of using a headset at a time, causing ear fatigue and heat. Because of this, I like to wear headphones. Instead of other compact in-ear headphones, earbuds. The choice is up to you.

Headphones intended for entertainment such as watching movies are often not suitable for teaching or learning online. Most of them have too bulky designs and too loud bass. 

Meanwhile, the needs of information exchange and meetings always need sound clarity and high aesthetics. So, if possible, find the most comfortable and neatest versions for you to have a better online meeting experience. 

You want students to focus on you and the lesson, not the silly giant headphones with a high-end feature you have.

Sound quality

It’s a secret that you will need a headset version with high-quality sound so that there is no interruption during video calls. 

As such, you will need to spend a little more and eliminate the thought of using cheap headphones. 

Because these types often have low durability and not high quality. After a period of use, the sound may be broken and significantly affect the quality of your communication. The way to check the sound quality is relatively simple. 

Specifically, you can immediately take advantage of your laptop for testing. Typically, you’ll find the built-in audio on your computer to stop at a sensory-acceptable level, i.e., most people in the meeting can hear you. 

The advantage of having a microphone, though, is the noise-canceling aspect.

Your students should hear only you and vice versa, not the noise going on in your space. There are units with rotating microphones.

Although this is not a necessary feature when teaching, it can come in handy for other tasks you take on in your daily life.

Voice canceling microphones don’t improve the sound you hear, but they improve the voices both students pass to you and vice versa.

The noise-canceling feature will significantly reduce the background noise introduced, especially if you are teaching in a relatively noisy area near significant access traffic.


Headphones have a variety of prices, maybe only from several tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, but there are also hundred thousand dollars.

To use online learning or teaching, you do not need to buy expensive headphones and require high sound quality like music headphones.

You can get a good pair of microphones for an affordable price. We’ll show you what most teachers accept as well as different options to choose from below.


There are many reasons for the reduced durability of headphones. Basically, it would help if you avoided headphones with complicated designs. Because it can shorten the life of the headset when any part fails. 

In particular, some of the most sensitive parts are the wires, connectors, and mic. 

Plus, the alloy material will also undoubtedly increase the durability of the headset to a more significant level. Meanwhile, the plastic or rubber versions will often tend to be easily deformed on impact. 

The minimum life of your online teaching and learning headset should be at least one year, but many models can last longer than that.

Another thing is to see if it is durable, see how long it is under warranty and make sure they are covered for a while. Don’t feel 100% safe if it doesn’t come with a warranty.

Suppose the contract is for a year or more and says the company will replace a malfunctioning model.

In that case, you should feel comfortable about the headphones that have caught your attention (which will be difficult because of the limited release). It has to match the price you pay for that headset for zoom meetings.

Avoid wireless headphones

Using wireless headphones for comfortable use, less entanglement, and easily moved even while listening or talking.

However, wireless headphones sometimes have unstable connections, sound delays, or are incompatible with some computer models.

Besides, when using it, you need to pay attention to the battery life. The price of wireless headsets is also much higher than wired headsets.

See more:


We gather and answer frequently asked questions that many people are asking today. Do not miss this part because you will probably get many of your problems answered. 

How to choose the best headphones for zoom teaching?

Excellent sound quality is essential. But aside from that, some features make the best headset for online teaching use.

Another critical feature to consider is the headset’s microphone and noise canceling. It is beneficial if you don’t have or don’t intend to purchase a mic. 

The comfort that headphones provide is also important. If you have a full day of school and wear the headphones for long periods, make sure that the earcups and headband are well-padded. Otherwise, you will have an earache.

How to keep and preserve the headset for online teaching well?

Any electronic device will degrade if not taken care of properly. Similarly, you also need to take good care of your headphones to serve you longer. Here are some tips on how to care for and care for your headphones:

Unplug the headset from the computer when not in use. When unplugging, make sure you open and not the cord of the headset. Stretching the line can damage the cable.

Keep the headset in the carrying case. Don’t just slip it into your laptop bag or leave it on the table after use. Putting it in a carrying case will protect it from dust and from extreme heat or cold that can affect its performance in the long run.

For wired headphones, wind up its cable well when storing. The tangled tangling is not only inconvenient but also can damage and break the wire inside. 

Why is my headset not working with zoom?

Except for technical reasons, check to see if zoom is allowed to access the microphone. If you see ‘join audio’, tap it and select ‘call over the internet to connect.

Where is the zoom sound setting?

You can access the meeting controls. Here, click on the arrow next to ‘mute/unmute’, then press the sound option to customize.

Can I use a Bluetooth headset with the Microsoft team?

Because MS teams require microphone and camera access for users to create audio conferencing, so if Windows doesn’t allow it, MS Teams can’t access your headset audio device.


Above are our recommendations for the best wireless headphones for zoom. We hope you will find the right product for you through the list.

If you still don’t feel our 10 suggestions are suitable, visit amazon to learn more. As long as you apply the criteria outlined above, you will find a headset for you. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to share this article with your friends who may need detailed reviews of the headphone versions on the market.

Thank you for reading! 


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