Battery Life Tips and Tricks

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Check out these tips and tricks to get the most of every charge with Here One.

1. Store Here One in its charging case
When you’re not using your Here Buds™, remember to put them back into the portable charging case rather than on the table or in your pocket. Keeping your Here Buds in their case ensures they stay safe and re-charges them for your next use. It only takes one hour to fully re-charge your Here Buds after they run out.

2. Dial down volume and turn off filters
If you’re simply listening to music or making a call, try turning down Real-World Volume to -22 dB and switching off any Smart Noise Filters. This conserves battery life, enabling your Here Buds to last even longer on-the-go.

3. Deactivate notifications and system sounds
You can disable audio notifications by putting your phone on silent to save battery. These tones use up battery on your Here Buds, so we recommend turning them off if you don’t need them.