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Experience Here One Everything else is just a headphone

Here One™ is the first truly wireless 3-in-1 earbuds that combine Premium Audio, Smart Noise Cancellation, and Speech Enhancement. A new kind of audio system composed of Here Buds™ wireless earbuds and a connected app, Here One is unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

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Here One earbuds and case in white

“Exactly the kind of wireless earbuds I’ve been waiting for”

“Feels like being kicked in the chest by the future”

“Futuristic earbuds that sound great”

“The coolest gadget I’ve tried”

“An intuitive app and a brilliantly designed wearable”

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Here One System Update

Company Here One. Upgraded.

Here One is designed to evolve and improve over time. That's why we’ve released our first System Update to bring you new features that will optimize your experience with Here One.

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Read why Here One beat out the competition to be named "the smartest wireless earbuds on the planet" by WIRED.

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